Fight for You (with Version)

from by Jeremiah Dirt


about --- produced by: Beat Somebody for Shadow of the Locust - --- written by: Jeremiah Dirt. Guitar: Joshua Loya /SAMPLED. Eek-a-Mouse "Christmas a Come"/


sub chorus
If I Had to Fight
I Would Fight for Truth n’ Rights
and if You Couldn’t Fight, I’d Try to Fight for You

Ay, 2 Men Enter 1 Man leaveth
it’s that Turn the Other Cheek that Make the Disciplined Look Weakest
but I'll Turn My Face and Even My Backside if I Have to
but One Day God’s Wrath will Still Come Through
Then We Can Examine the Matter of Who’s Hard n’ Soft
Like Catchin the Hot Potato when the Alarm Go Off

-What You Got in You
I Got War...and I Got Peace
Wish the War Would Cease but there’s Always Sumthin Worth Fightin for
However When it’s Over, Losers Can’t Handle it, Ready for More

-What You Got in You
I Feel Like a Violent Pacifist
Throw up the Peace Sign, but if the War Hit
it’s Like Gandhi Goes Ghetto - with 2 Clenched Fists
Like Battlin was Bred all Up in My in My Bones
When I’m Fed Up, it Feel Like Blows Gotta be Thrown
--Would Rather Extend Mercy
but Let No Man Hurt My Friends or My Family

-What You Got in You
I Gotta Lion and a Lamb
I Gotta Strong Arm of Power, with Nail Holes in it’s Hands
I Got a Glorious God, who Came and Saw to it
that the Strong Plans of the Enemy, Through His Pain, He Sawed Through it
Cut it in Half, with No Condemnation and No Wrath
Said “Follow the Light Path”, where Demons get Blasted Back
Halleluiah! Praise God! I got Power in My Words
so I don’t Even Gotta Touch those that Act Up Absurd
I Got the Book of the Ages, the Holyspirit Wrote the Pages
Copyrighted the Red Letters, so No One Could Upstage Him

(dancehall toast)
You Have Catholic, Buddha n’ Hindu Religion
Confused with Confucius, Rasta and Muslim
so Why You Wear Christ on Your Neck, but in Your Heart You Praise Allah
Said Which One-a You Religion
Cuz When Mi Was a Youth Mi Use to Fear Jehovah
Cuz I-Man Feel Dat He Come fi War Over
But Now Me Come a Man, Mi Get fi Understand
Said Jehovah is Life and Salvation
Jehovah is Right and Babylon-a Wrong
Jehovah, Jesus Christ Lift Up in the Song
That’s Why “Anything That I do, Has to Praise Jehovah”
Hear We Say “Anything That I do, Has to Praise Jehovah”


from the Rebel Lion, released January 1, 2018 --- produced by: Beat Somebody for Shadow of the Locust - --- written by: Jeremiah Dirt. Guitar: Joshua Loya /SAMPLED. Eek-a-Mouse "Christmas a Come"/


all rights reserved



Jeremiah Dirt (Shadow of the Locust) Hesperia, California

Beginning a career in 1999 with the acclaimed album, Plague, after years of touring with, then, labelmates POD, Dirt has kept and keeps his fans loaded up with his unique blend of creative, emotional, revealing lyrical ferocity and love for pure Hiphop.
Founding Father of 'Shadow of the Locust' - he's proven to be an emcee NOT to sleep on.
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