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Murder Stylee (w/ DJ Kair)

from the Rebel Lion by Jeremiah Dirt



JeremiahDirt.com --- produced by: Beat Somebody for Shadow of the Locust - LocustFist.com --- written by: Jeremiah Dirt. Cuts: DJ Kair /SAMPLED. Mad Scientist "Version"/


I Wrote this Cryptogam, while Restin on the Bosom of Abraham
Testin a plan, to Kill all Man with Poem Kilograms
then Hide the Evidence in the Dub tracks of a Phonogram
that’s to Kill a 1,000 Philistines with the Jawbone of a Ram
I’m King James Version, Style, with the Mandible of a Jackass
they Got me ina Full Face Mask, cuz I Hannibal'ed the Last Track
with Fava Beans 'th-th-th- th- th" I Leave Kerosene in the Feedback
when yall Play the MP3, and the Heat Ignite the Tube in Your Bose Amp Rack
that was the Plan I Spoke of, n' Next I Know That
if I Remove 1/2 of your Spine track, they Can't Reattach that!
Bought a Tattoo Starter Kit, so I could use your Skin as a Scratch Pad
don’t Tell Me to Just Write a Verse, I only write Iliad's
don’t tell Me to Just Write a Chorus, cuz I’ll Burn down the Forest

the Weak Minded are Scared of the Way I'm Fortified
I Leave em in the Morgue, Tied, Contemplating Death, Mortified
I'm bringin Master Plans to Disband Every Pentagram
n' Reprimands, to all yall Sneaks who didn't Pay for a Wristband
Support your Local Bands, Hiphop is Art, United we Withstand
I’m Writin a Thesis with Ink Injected Diseases
I'm Pro Life but I Throw Knives at a Weak Emcee Fetus
it's My Weakness, but I Don't Think that None of we Need this
where we Came From? HipHop was born from a Blood Drop drop of Jesus
out his Ribcage, when the Roman Soldier tried to Break Him to Pieces
I Want the People on my Block to Unite Like the Eyes of a Cyclops
the Bboys go Back to Wildstyle, Electric Boogaloo, Poplock
that's why I Put the Mic in My Hand n' Amplify Hiphop
I Spit the Rhymes Down in Verses n' Slurs
to Reverse the Curses, Submerse em to where Death Occurs
in the Hearses where Nurses can't Even Repair the Words
Some Said it’s Impossible, I Been Referred to as being Absurd
I Call Myself the Phoenix, as I Shed My Skin, the Firebird
Rebirth the Worth Through Words, when they’re Heard and Deciphered


Vibrating Palm, My Lip Balm is Dynamite Sticks of Napalm
I Use em Before I Spit Psalms, My Gang (Gheng) is Khan
I Told the Locust to bring bombs, Jesus told the Storm to be Calm
Sound the War Gong, cuz We the Rebellion of Rebel Lions
Some of You Said it's Disgraceful, the Way I Come from Mt. Grayskull
Angry at the Way Raps Been Raped , Ready to Chase You!
Ready to Delay the Decay, I'll Bring Disarray to Your Crew!
I'll Block - Every Escapeway Before I Come to You!
Even Catch Your Protege in the Passageway n' Slay Him too!
Your Vertebrae is where I Tie Chains n' Pull the Bones Away
in the Sandbox where l Break Your Hands off n Give em Away
Tie Your Joints to the Wrong Bones then Send You the Xray
My Mind is Nine Einstein’s Designed for Rhyme Crimes
I Can't Even Comprehend Peacetime, there's Only War in My Enzymes
These Wack Rappers is Fatal Diseases
Find me Covered in Blood Guts Wherever these Prenatal Emcee's is
I've Been Sent to Transmit!, the Plagues Against the Counterfeits
You’ll be Changed One Way or the Other When You Encounter it
Hiphop Resounds from the Harps of Angels n' the Devil Took it!
I've Come to Resharp the Angles, n Level the Crooked!

Wisdom is Better than War, but if You Stupid, Here it is
Hiphop is Music, Music was meant to praise God, Return to this!


from the Rebel Lion, released January 1, 2018
JeremiahDirt.com --- produced by: Beat Somebody for Shadow of the Locust - LocustFist.com --- written by: Jeremiah Dirt. Cuts: DJ Kair /SAMPLED. Mad Scientist "Version"/


all rights reserved



Jeremiah Dirt (Shadow of the Locust) Hesperia, California

Beginning a career in 1999 with the acclaimed album, Plague, after years of touring with, then, labelmates POD, Dirt has kept and keeps his fans loaded up with his unique blend of creative, emotional, revealing lyrical ferocity and love for pure Hiphop.
Founding Father of 'Shadow of the Locust' - he's proven to be an emcee NOT to sleep on.
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