Music is the Medicine

from by Jeremiah Dirt


about --- produced by: Beat Somebody for Shadow of the Locust - --- written by: Jeremiah Dirt /SAMPLED. Bob Marley "Rat Race"/


it’s the all Style Masterin
Beatbreak Poundin a Rhythm so give them Feminine Heads an Aspirin
the Music is the Medicine

Once again I'm Blastin them
Eardrums with Rhythms Blisterin Nitroglycerin Lyrics to the Pit of them
the Music is the Medicine

Knowledge Wisdom and Understandin
I'm Broadcastin Against Devils Tresspassin
Grabbin them for their Backstabbings n' Givin them a Backhanding
the Music is the Medicine

Watch Out How You Walk Before the Guns Talk
n' Watch Out Babylon Cops, cuz in Riots we Throw Rocks
We Control Blocks, the Youth dem can't be Stopped
We Buildin’ Libraries over all Your Parking Lots
Put Some Sniper’s on the Rooftop, to Protect the Inkblots
heh..... yeah
And in them Hallways, We gonna Get Knowledge all Day
Don’t Believe in Keeping it Ourselves, We Giving it Away
Knowledge is Power, Just don’t Use it the Wrong Way

Ay yo, I’m Ol Skool and Ol Testament
My Vocals are NO Joke, I Make Sure they Get Compressed With Gems
Its Like Coal Imbedded Thick in the Bedrock to Diamonds
There’s No Loophole, I’m Sic with the Hiphop of My Pen
the Music is the Medicine (echo)...

and Every Ghetto Will Grow, Every Devil Will Know
that Only when the Seeds are Watered by God Will the Plants Grow
the Music is the Medicine (echo)...

n’ I don’t Care if You Let Every Word Pass Through Your Head
it's Still Been My Job from Day One to Wake Up the Dead
the Music is the Medicine (echo)...

I’m a Hot Magazine Spittin Right through a Flak Jacket
a Tuff Gong Against Babylon, that’s the Rap Tactic
the Arsenal is the Friends I Keep, the Crew Always Backs it
Back to Back Attack, Hunt Together the Wolfpack
when we Rep on the Street, we Full Fledged and We Double Edged
Never Step Without Heat, we Fool Dead and Bubbleheads
Bring them Kids to the Light and Ignite the Fight in their Chest
Cardiac Sparked, Raised Fists, Anointed n’ Blessed

If You Feeling this Now, Say the Music is Medicine
“the Music is the Medicine!”
Or get a Head Severin from A Microphone Veteran
Soundboard Lord, the Soundclash Reverend
when I Speak, the Words Never Fall to the Ground
they get Carried by the Bass n’ Treble of Raps Sound
I’m Like the Prophet Samuel, Spit Prophecies thatsa Handful
Split Devils in Half when I Drop the Hammer to the Anvil
Destroy Towers of Babel, cuz that’s what Man Build
to get Closer to God Because that What Man Feel
I Put my Thoughts on Paper witha Writing Utensil
then Take My Poems and Praise God with my Throat and Tonsils

We Got No Time Here to Trust in Fear Yeah
say the Music is the Medicine
“the Music is the Medicine!”
Now Raise Up, Tell Them Snakes to Shut UP!
n’ Say, the Music is the Medicine!
“the Music is the Medicine”


from the Rebel Lion, released January 1, 2018 --- produced by: Beat Somebody for Shadow of the Locust - --- written by: Jeremiah Dirt /SAMPLED. Bob Marley "Rat Race"/


all rights reserved



Jeremiah Dirt (Shadow of the Locust) Hesperia, California

Beginning a career in 1999 with the acclaimed album, Plague, after years of touring with, then, labelmates POD, Dirt has kept and keeps his fans loaded up with his unique blend of creative, emotional, revealing lyrical ferocity and love for pure Hiphop.
Founding Father of 'Shadow of the Locust' - he's proven to be an emcee NOT to sleep on.
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