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Yes Boss (w/ Lucinda Voz, DJ Kair)

from the Rebel Lion by Jeremiah Dirt



JeremiahDirt.com --- produced by: Beat Somebody for Shadow of the Locust - LocustFist.com --- written by: Jeremiah Dirt. Cuts: DJ Kair /SAMPLED. John Holt "Police in Helicopter"/


Ay Yall, we Workin Hard in these Sweatshops ‘til the Sweat Drops
Payin the Cost for the Boss, but Still we Never Get Props
Just get Fired n’ Dropped, Layed Off into the Boycott’s
Our Muscles are Sore from Hard Labor, Tied Up in Knots
if You Listening to this at Work, Right Now at Your Desktop
I Wish You Could Stand Up, Raise Your Fist n’ Say “NO!” to the Boss
Flip Two Birds, Walk Out n’ Start Your Own Business
but we Kicked to the Curb, by the Rich who Run this
Yeah Mon! We Hurtin’ Down Here
it Seem Like We Constantly Grindin Our Gears
Seem Like it’s Constant Forward, no Pause, but Gettin’ No Where
Enraged in the Machine, Despaired at a Desk Chair
in the Warehouse, in the Field Breakin’ Our Back
for Minimum Wage - We can’t Even do Nothing with That!


Sometimes I Feel Like Slavery was Never Abolished
but We don’t wana Lose Our Job, so we Keep Sayin “Yes Boss, Yes Boss, Yess Boss”
Man! We Just ‘Caught Up in the Hustle’
We Need Help from you, God, cuz We ‘Caught Up in the Hustle’
it aint About a Skin Color, cuz we all ‘Caught Up in the Hustle’
Brothers, Sisters, Fathers, Mothers, ‘Caught Up in the Hustle’

when that Whip Crack, Big Up! No Time fi Relax
the More We Punch that Clock, the More they Take Out Tax
We Crammed Up in these Apartment Buildings
Top Ramen 25cent, n’ We Feedin it to our Children
Hopin its Nourishin’.... (Echo)
We Smile, but when they Go to Bed, we Cry cuz it’s Discouragin’
it’s the Struggle or the Hustle, where we Claw and Scratch
to a Time Clock, Yall, without Even a Pat on the Back
Can’t Pay Rent, Can’t Pay Bills, Money Already Spent
before it’s Made, and these Fools Answer with Credit Card Debt
Sometimes I Feel I Gotta Go Back to Robbin’ and Stealin’
I Know that Would Disgrace You God, but it’s Just how I’m Feelin
it’s Better to do Your Work with Joy, and God will See You
I Know You Tired, Fam, but the Holyspirit will See You Through


outro chorus
they Say there’s No Rest for the Wicked, but What About the Righteous
it’s Like God Gave Us Wings -- but We Feel Flightless
Selfishness has Worked Us Mindless, this World is a Virus
Blindness Keeps Us from Seeing Souls as Priceless
in this Desert Dryness the Only Way to Keep Life is
Stay Focused on Christ, where the Light is, Big Up with Niceness

(scripture: Matthew 11:28-30)


from the Rebel Lion, released January 1, 2018
JeremiahDirt.com --- produced by: Beat Somebody for Shadow of the Locust - LocustFist.com --- written by: Jeremiah Dirt. Cuts: DJ Kair /SAMPLED. John Holt "Police in Helicopter"/


all rights reserved



Jeremiah Dirt (Shadow of the Locust) Hesperia, California

Beginning a career in 1999 with the acclaimed album, Plague, after years of touring with, then, labelmates POD, Dirt has kept and keeps his fans loaded up with his unique blend of creative, emotional, revealing lyrical ferocity and love for pure Hiphop.
Founding Father of 'Shadow of the Locust' - he's proven to be an emcee NOT to sleep on.
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