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the Rebel Lion

by Jeremiah Dirt

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Donald Gray
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Donald Gray Been too long since we've heard from Mr. Dirt. The Rebel Lion was worth the wait and a dope album from start to finish. Jeremiah took a chance on this album, steering away from his comfort zone boom-bap production style and this time creates a perfectly meshed hip hop/reggae hybrid. Stand out tracks include Talk is Cheap, Lift Up Jehovah (which chops up a Bob Marley sample), Send Love (His hip hop love letter to his wife Lucinda), Loose Cannon, Never
Warn You, Fight For You & High Without You. Favorite track: Talk is Cheap (w/ DJ Kair).
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False Alarm 01:23
False Alarm, Talk about My Sound Dying Woah-oh -x2 Givin em A Warning, Cuz My Sound is Coming -x2 Ay Yall… I Just Murder a Flow Tell Your Men, this Dude n' that One, so they Both know I Flex Past the Bad Boys Guns Dem Never Shoot I Down Although Jah Know dem Come To Uproot I Crown, But I Never Succumb When the Lightning Strike, Rhyme Animal Come to Life Dudes Gimme a Cold Stare so I Break the Ice Then Dump a Body at Low Tide when My Flow Subside No Chump Survive when My Dub Rides Nuff Soundboy – Chat and Dem Chat Dem Test the Champion and Dem Lay Down Flat All Soundboy deh Pon the Mic with No Skill Dem Test the Champion and dem gwan get Kill Because… False Alarm, Talk About My Sound Dying
v.1 I Wrote this Cryptogam, while Restin on the Bosom of Abraham Testin a plan, to Kill all Man with Poem Kilograms then Hide the Evidence in the Dub tracks of a Phonogram that’s to Kill a 1,000 Philistines with the Jawbone of a Ram I’m King James Version, Style, with the Mandible of a Jackass they Got me ina Full Face Mask, cuz I Hannibal'ed the Last Track with Fava Beans 'th-th-th- th- th" I Leave Kerosene in the Feedback when yall Play the MP3, and the Heat Ignite the Tube in Your Bose Amp Rack that was the Plan I Spoke of, n' Next I Know That if I Remove 1/2 of your Spine track, they Can't Reattach that! Bought a Tattoo Starter Kit, so I could use your Skin as a Scratch Pad don’t Tell Me to Just Write a Verse, I only write Iliad's don’t tell Me to Just Write a Chorus, cuz I’ll Burn down the Forest v.2 the Weak Minded are Scared of the Way I'm Fortified I Leave em in the Morgue, Tied, Contemplating Death, Mortified I'm bringin Master Plans to Disband Every Pentagram n' Reprimands, to all yall Sneaks who didn't Pay for a Wristband Support your Local Bands, Hiphop is Art, United we Withstand I’m Writin a Thesis with Ink Injected Diseases I'm Pro Life but I Throw Knives at a Weak Emcee Fetus it's My Weakness, but I Don't Think that None of we Need this where we Came From? HipHop was born from a Blood Drop drop of Jesus out his Ribcage, when the Roman Soldier tried to Break Him to Pieces I Want the People on my Block to Unite Like the Eyes of a Cyclops the Bboys go Back to Wildstyle, Electric Boogaloo, Poplock that's why I Put the Mic in My Hand n' Amplify Hiphop I Spit the Rhymes Down in Verses n' Slurs to Reverse the Curses, Submerse em to where Death Occurs in the Hearses where Nurses can't Even Repair the Words Some Said it’s Impossible, I Been Referred to as being Absurd I Call Myself the Phoenix, as I Shed My Skin, the Firebird Rebirth the Worth Through Words, when they’re Heard and Deciphered -scratches- v.3 Vibrating Palm, My Lip Balm is Dynamite Sticks of Napalm I Use em Before I Spit Psalms, My Gang (Gheng) is Khan I Told the Locust to bring bombs, Jesus told the Storm to be Calm Sound the War Gong, cuz We the Rebellion of Rebel Lions Some of You Said it's Disgraceful, the Way I Come from Mt. Grayskull Angry at the Way Raps Been Raped , Ready to Chase You! Ready to Delay the Decay, I'll Bring Disarray to Your Crew! I'll Block - Every Escapeway Before I Come to You! Even Catch Your Protege in the Passageway n' Slay Him too! Your Vertebrae is where I Tie Chains n' Pull the Bones Away in the Sandbox where l Break Your Hands off n Give em Away Tie Your Joints to the Wrong Bones then Send You the Xray My Mind is Nine Einstein’s Designed for Rhyme Crimes I Can't Even Comprehend Peacetime, there's Only War in My Enzymes These Wack Rappers is Fatal Diseases Find me Covered in Blood Guts Wherever these Prenatal Emcee's is I've Been Sent to Transmit!, the Plagues Against the Counterfeits You’ll be Changed One Way or the Other When You Encounter it Hiphop Resounds from the Harps of Angels n' the Devil Took it! I've Come to Resharp the Angles, n Level the Crooked! Wisdom is Better than War, but if You Stupid, Here it is Hiphop is Music, Music was meant to praise God, Return to this!
V1. get Stabbed, Shanked Pushed to Walk the Plank Say the Wrong Thing in the Wrong Place, Hammer's Crank 'cause Youth, dem Walk with .38 Pon Dem Waist Set Trip n' Gun Tip is the Next Thing You Taste Words Start Simple, but they X Men and Mutate Get X'ed, then Your Next of Kin can Take Your Place - They Keep it Up? the Whole Crew get Erased Laugh it Up in Hell About the Dumb Ish Yall Say As Your Words Build or Bruise the Company You Keep One Small Muscle Control the Trouble You Meet Recognize that that what Comes Out Your Mouth is the Beginning of Where the Power Comes Out -scratch chorus- V.2 Some Gangsta's Know to Think Before They Speak the Rest Speak n' get Wise After the Street gets Heat 22's, 25's, 44's, 45's These Days thats how Most Keep Conversations Alive Chicken Heads Cluck, Dudes Run the Tab on they Mouth Up When they Can't Pay the Bill, 'Tings Blow Up!' Watch What You Speak, Words are Seeds, Sow what You Reap Cultivate Your Vocab, 'Cause Every Word You'll Eat' -sub Chorus- do What You say, Not Say What You're Gonna do Or get Lit by the Hitmen that'll get in Front of You demons with Ice Picks will Front on You devils with Knife Tips will Experiment on You be a Man of Your Word for God's Abundance on You "cuz Talk is Cheap" v3. Keep Spittin in the Wind, n' it'll Come Back On You Keep Pissin on Your Friends, n' it'll Get On Your Shoe Speak Angry and Die, Speak Lies and Eat Humble Pie all from them White Lies -that- Multiply get Stuck Deep, Weepin', Eating Your Feet Foot in Your mouth for not Keeping Your Speech a Lying Word Cannot Profit (echo) and You Better be a Hundred Percent if You was the Prophet the Lip of Truth Shall be Established Forever that's in Proverbs, Cousin, Let's get it Together
(Dirt's Lyrics) I Pray for Shelter, that God'll get You Out the Sun I Pray Financial Gain, that God'll get You outta the Slum Shadow Locust, Street Rep, so Again We a Come Lift Up Jehovah, that's the Rule of Thumb We Infest Mindsets, we are Battle Insects Students of Sermons, we've done Rattled Tape Decks Blaze Your Disc Lasers, we a Burn Mic Checks Now it’s MP3, Still a MC Easily Master Blast, Master Ceremony Slap ya Wack MC, Leave ya There a Lonely Deep in the Retinal Cone, You'll See the Prophecy Where Joel Chapter 2 Meets Hiphop in Me I Battle Beasts with Beats, they Hide n' I Go Seek Lay Waste Every Hiding Place, Make Obsolete Thoroughbred Discotech Heat, I Never Retreat
Send Love 04:45
UFC Fight Night -I liked the Way You Laughed with Your Sister Plus Your Denim Jeans were on Real Tight You Wore Your Hat Low, I Hated to See You Go Smiled, Though, when I Seen You at My Next Show You Invited Peoples to Watch Movies at Your Apartment Your Eyes n' Smile is the Only Reason I Went Rosalina Told Me that Someone had Broke Your Heart of Gold so I Wanted to be Careful in Pouring the New Mold we Hit off from the 1st Date as I Threw them Questions Out Icebreakin at Starbuck’s, so we Kept Goin Out We Spent so Much Time Together, Never Hollow, Boring or Shallow So Now it Come Time I Tell You Some Things You Should Know You Must be Hebrew, I See Christ in You, cuz Your My Good News You Made a Mark on Me Like Matching Wooden Shoe Tattoo's I'm Screaming Jay, You put a Spell on Me Like Voodoo n' who Would've Knew, You Can Still Find a Beauty with Virtue You're a Treasure, an Heirloom, You Smell Like Bulgari Perfume I’m Anchored, Man, Send a Special Alert to the Newsrooms n' Tell em I'm Hot for You Like a Lit Dynamite Fuze chorus Send Me that Love, I’ve been Created for Let's Make the the Whole Night Last, n' Ignore Every Curfew You Work Hard, Gimme that Lotion so I can Massage it on You Your Thick Bottom Lip Remind Me of Shrimp on the BBQ I Think I Idolize You Like them False gods, Krishna and Vishnu cuz when You aint Gone, I Miss You, n’ Feel Pain in My Muscle Tissue All Things About You Compliment Like the Perfect Words in a Haiku You Stole Your Eyes from an Angel, I'm Tellin God on You and the Goddess Venus Want Her Body Back, She's Angry at You And Your Beauty Seeps into the Middle, Middle, Middle of you it was Overdue, Stupid Cupid had Me Beat Up n' Bruised n' I was Told Someone Said He Loved You but Only Abused it’s Mildew That Left Us Both with Trust Issues but Here's the Breakthrough, None of that has to Continue Let's Walk From the Past n' Build Up Like them Thick Bamboo Your Skin is Liked Caramel Palmetto Got Wisdom n' Street Smart Like King Solomon Walkin Through the Ghetto My Jaw Muscle Hurt You Got Me Grinnin so Much, You Blessed Me and We Connected Before I Even Touched You Lemme Take You to the Red Carpet n' Show You Off at Every Debut the Kinda Woman Make Kings Wanna Start Wars Over You You got Baggage? I got Baggage too Lets Open Up the Zippers, Throw em in the Air n' Let God Blow Through chorus Send Me that Love, I’ve been Created for as the Sun Shines Above, there is Someone for Me to Love
Are You Ready!? to throw Confetti! the Track Upbeat, I’m Still Razor Flow Machete Without God Unsteady, With God Rock Steady Bboys Innovate, Now the Crowd Ready! Motivate You, to Feel the Break, so You Can Decide to Move Fast or Slow to this Rhythm Track, and to the WolfPack Yall Give Us Hell, So We Givin it Back Ay Yo! Westcoast Poplock It’s the Emcee, Come in the Place, Makin’ Yall Jaw Drop Play the Break, n’ Make Yall Want Hip Hop Come Inna De Dance, Make Ya Naw Wan Stop Number One Glok’s Hot Wind Your Body Roots Rock Riddim, ‘cause Riddim Makes the Roots Rock Ay yo, I smashed the Sound My Town was Split by Crips and Bloodhounds But When the Beat Drop, it was Like Everybody Down Threw ‘em Rags Down, to Screwface and “Feel it” DJ’s was Drug Dealin Mixtapes “Can You Feel it?” Nuff Respect, Vinyl Dub, DJ select Vertebrae Shake, Side Effect, Break up the Neck Cuz’ When the Beat-Break Play, the Whole Crowd Sway n’ the Stress Float Away, Like Comin to God to Pray You and Your Girlfriend get Caught in the Whirlwind if You Holding Negative Vibes, Throw Your Hands Up and Hurl Them mi Naw Wan Hear That, We Takin Our Life Back Devils Stole it, but Praise God He Break us from that!
Joe (BFF) 04:42
V.1 I was Cool with You from the Get Go Loved the Way You Moved Confidently Through Streets, Uptown or the Ghetto Everybody See You Comin, Start Crackin them Jokes how You a Big Man n' Kinda Old, but then they Choke on the Smoke You Used to Roll POD from the Southtown till they Moved On Up Got a Tour Bus, Passed You Down, Turned You Shadow Locust You Was Hiphop Ever Since, Rolled with Us to Represent Carried Our Gear to the Back Door of Every Event I Remember You Like it was Yesterday Could Never Go Less than a Hundred and Twenty on the Freeway Bet You Never Seen a Tank Drive Like a Honda Civic Stick Shift Tokyo Drift, Lickety-Split, -- Joe was Swift V.2 Windshield Wipers to the BPM’s RPM’s too, Keepin the Beat, Peepin them Gem’s, Creepin on Men Pedal to the Metal, Gas Tank Hip Hopped in Heavy Metal Your Life was Full Throttle, Got those Hot Blows, Pistons Never Settled on the Highway Asphalt- People Followin the Lines You Stairway to Heaven, Make Your Own Way, don't Follow No Lines High Octane, Christ in the Veins, Life in the Fast Lane Crank Case Cookin’, witha Manifold Destiny to Move Insane Sometimes I Think how Much Music my Man Brought to Yall n’ Never Even Seen a Show, Stayed in the Parkin Lot Security Guardin yall the Gear and the Crew to Every States Stages Took Us Places, Brought Us Culture, Plus Kept us the Safest WHAT!? sub Chorus: cause That's What Best Friends are For When You Down, They Never Let You Stay on the Floor if You Don't Got it, Man, they Never Let You Stay Poor ​Pick You Up, Carry You Through to Where You Gotta Be Door-to-Door V.3 in No Time Flat, Burned Down the Line, Like Hell’s Eraser and Hours Later, Still Topped Out on the Accelerator when You Got Old You didn’t Act Like it -- Like You Ignored Every Scratch and Dent to Stay God’s Servant how Many, Times at the Last Minute, I’d Hit You Up but You was Always Ready to Roll, No Matter the Deal, that's Whassup n’ I was Never Homeless, You Always Told Me I Got a Home with Stay in the Back til You get Your Life Back on the Right Track, Uplift when You Got Hurt, I had to Leave You to Go Get Help Came Back to Save You, Found Out Some Dudes had Robbed You of Your Health Smashed You Up, Took Your Shoes, Left you in a Ditch Singin the Blues You Never Recovered from that Attack and We all Miss You
(Dirt's Verses) I Shower Wrath, I'm Here with the Power Math the Aftermath? Legion of Enemy Cower Back to the Lower Depth, I Kill with the Flow of Death Severe at the Head, Play Soccer with Heads Like I’m Aztec The Streets Respect cause They Know How I Wreck Challenge MC's to Take My Place - But theres Been No One Yet Shadow of the Locust, Once Again we-a-Rep Better Copywrite What We Reveal in the Discotech vs.2 at 6 o’clock I Feel Ripe, So it's Time for Lick a Shot at 12 o'clock, the Beats been Playin, the Pencil Lead Kept Breakin but I'm Not Swayed by these Attacks from Satan these Lyrics have been Blazed with the Power to Raise them Dead to Life, Like Lazurus from the Grave, when the Rabbi, Came to them, in God’s Name, Amazed them it’s a Hellpit! - I’m a Angel in Hades but No Matter How Hell it get, No Weak Philosophy Sway Me I'm Patrick Swayze, get Holy Ghost on these Devils Bringin Red Dawn on Babylon, Roastin these Levels Some Yall Gone! Yall don’t Make the Most of These Decibels I Bury Yall Sound in the Ground with Axepicks n' Shovels -and I’m Seduced by Turntables Spinnin’ 48's Curse Me, I Revert to the Psychology of Norman Bates I’m Luke in the Helmet with the Blast Shield Down Ricochet these Attacks, Like they was Comin from Clowns I'll Throw Battle Raps Back at You Until they Reach You Makin You Dance when I Aim em at the Ground Beneath You Straight Cowboy Gunslingin, I'm the Fat Lady Singin I'm Basketball Block Shottin Every Rap You Bring in God is the Highest, the Loftiest, the Mightiest Jesus Resurrected, which Makes Him the Liveliest
Rock the Flock with Soundclash that's, Glorious Come Together With the Strength of Many Horses to Blow the Walls of All Wicked Metropolis n' Prevail with Triune and Hits from Locustfist I Seen Some Pharisees Build this Evil Contraption Lookin for Some Spots where they Can get Some Action so I Gathered Other Emcee's that are Believin’ n' We Blew Up the Spot Like Nitroglycerin we Discipline for Reproduction Comin’ Against Claims from the Court of the Sanhedrin Lyrics Come Like Muted Cellphones to Make You Vibrate n' Rehabilitate, the Wicked Mind State with Chainsaw Action to Cut Demon Doctrine ….Often we Take Our Sin Thoughts n' Rearrange them Old Flesh Become Mannequin, New Flesh Get Adrenalin Unto Benevolence Our Voice Rise Like Incense to the Heavens, Praisin God’s Magnificence and Like Handsoap We Dispense the Evidence, that Christ the Son has Risen - Gotta Make Sure that this Information gets Downloaded to the Next Generation We Send Morse Code Through the Satellite Dish Dot-Dot-Dash-Dash Locustfist (chorus 2xs) You Say, that You Want a Revolution so the Locust Came in with the Good Sound System We Cannot Have Soldiers Lookin Like Skeleton Iron Sharpens Iron, Unification
(Dirt) Ay Yo Watup Blood, Came to see How You Was doin Its that Emcee that'll Leave Your Whole Rap Style in Ruin they Call Me the Witch Doctor cuz of the Ish I be Brewing I'm Like, I'm just doin the Same Thing I always been doin and this one is dedicated to Rasta Rudy all you shady cats watch how you do me Never Comin alone even if you think So just ask the last dude that thought so my minds like bubblin hot with water n when the pot blow it runs the street ghetto red hot with the overflow my rhymes is super, cat. don dada stick the mic in hot lava, still don't come hotta (M) Lyrically I Paint Lucid Images Renders Physically the Faint Useless and Limited Spewing Verses so Sick I Leave Suckas with Wounds to Lick It be that Rough and Tough Chick With an Afro Puff, Dig? Go Run and tell Your Click Time to Find a New Gig And I, I don't Say this Lightly Sick of all You Phony Carbon Copies Biting the 90's Go 'head, Try n' Stop Me I'm Droppin' Skills from Nose Bleed Elevations You Can't Reach this Level on Your Playstation (Dirt) I've Made the Streets Live since 95 and Since then You Been Hungry and I Fed You Fake Gangsta Rappers I Dead You if I couldn't Embed You with Truth I Left You Real Heads I was a Prophet, I Led You -Times is Tuff, Keep Your Head Up n' Stay Away from the Handcuffs Treat Each Other with Respect, One Life n' One Love and Last, Know that the Weapons You Fashion for Yourself Only Gonna Hurt You Before they Hurt Anyone else My Mic is Armageddon's Weapon Against Half Steppin Roots Riddim Razor Blade Flow, Uplift the Bredren Downshift the Enemy, Passover the Bread's Unleavened Oppressors Get Aggression from the Infa-Reddin Bag-o-Wires get Mashed Up, Trashed Up by Holy Fire I'm Big bout Yah, Pentecost, Big About Jah's Empire (Righteous Knight) ???
(Dirt's Verse) Afraid of No Man, Dem Cyan Harm We We Hold Bibles Like Glocks, Dem Cyan Disarm We I Sniff Gun Tips After they Blast, I'm Coked Up on Drumkits, No Joke, WHAT!?, get Choked Up! SkullBones Crush Under the Weight of the Mystic -Acoustic Activist, with Biblical Emphasis I Fight My Wars with Sound Like Jericho Against the Enemies of Hiphop that Pervert the Flow ---Leave Em Dead, Deep in the Concerto DJ’s Put this on Wax n’ Reverse em Slow find Backwards in the Backmask, I Mastered the Backlash Snakes Bring the Backstab I Backhand Witchcraft -I’ve Come Here to Rattle the Bass Cabinet Hiphop was Meant for Life, Fake MC’s Stabbin’ it! the Mainstream Just Care What They Can Grab from it! STOP! We-a-bring the Catalyst -I Spit Raw Jigsaw Leavin Yall Puzzled Then Spray Spittle Answering the Riddles, I’m in Tunnels Underground Prophet Roamin’ Caves, I’m Enslaved to Unfold Mysteries n’ Leave em Laid in the Soundwaves! Walk Careful, -Soon Cometh Judgement Day Devils Play Tricks, the HolyGhost Keeps 'em Away!
vs.1 Ay Yall, we Workin Hard in these Sweatshops ‘til the Sweat Drops Payin the Cost for the Boss, but Still we Never Get Props Just get Fired n’ Dropped, Layed Off into the Boycott’s Our Muscles are Sore from Hard Labor, Tied Up in Knots if You Listening to this at Work, Right Now at Your Desktop I Wish You Could Stand Up, Raise Your Fist n’ Say “NO!” to the Boss Flip Two Birds, Walk Out n’ Start Your Own Business but we Kicked to the Curb, by the Rich who Run this Yeah Mon! We Hurtin’ Down Here it Seem Like We Constantly Grindin Our Gears Seem Like it’s Constant Forward, no Pause, but Gettin’ No Where Enraged in the Machine, Despaired at a Desk Chair in the Warehouse, in the Field Breakin’ Our Back for Minimum Wage - We can’t Even do Nothing with That! -Scratches- -chorus- Sometimes I Feel Like Slavery was Never Abolished but We don’t wana Lose Our Job, so we Keep Sayin “Yes Boss, Yes Boss, Yess Boss” Man! We Just ‘Caught Up in the Hustle’ We Need Help from you, God, cuz We ‘Caught Up in the Hustle’ it aint About a Skin Color, cuz we all ‘Caught Up in the Hustle’ Brothers, Sisters, Fathers, Mothers, ‘Caught Up in the Hustle’ vs.2 when that Whip Crack, Big Up! No Time fi Relax the More We Punch that Clock, the More they Take Out Tax We Crammed Up in these Apartment Buildings Top Ramen 25cent, n’ We Feedin it to our Children Hopin its Nourishin’.... (Echo) We Smile, but when they Go to Bed, we Cry cuz it’s Discouragin’ it’s the Struggle or the Hustle, where we Claw and Scratch to a Time Clock, Yall, without Even a Pat on the Back Can’t Pay Rent, Can’t Pay Bills, Money Already Spent before it’s Made, and these Fools Answer with Credit Card Debt Sometimes I Feel I Gotta Go Back to Robbin’ and Stealin’ I Know that Would Disgrace You God, but it’s Just how I’m Feelin it’s Better to do Your Work with Joy, and God will See You I Know You Tired, Fam, but the Holyspirit will See You Through -Scratches- outro chorus they Say there’s No Rest for the Wicked, but What About the Righteous it’s Like God Gave Us Wings -- but We Feel Flightless Selfishness has Worked Us Mindless, this World is a Virus Blindness Keeps Us from Seeing Souls as Priceless in this Desert Dryness the Only Way to Keep Life is Stay Focused on Christ, where the Light is, Big Up with Niceness (scripture: Matthew 11:28-30)
vs.1 in My Hemoglobin the Blood Cells are Steady Mobbin with Rhymes, My Heads Throbbin,--- I'm Sick …. (echo next through next line) Hip Hop Will be the Death of Me, of this I’m Sure Cuz there's No Cure but to Make Sure the Track is Pure the Vaccine is Sent Up thru the Mic Cable Tap the Needle for Air Bubbles, Make Sure the Dose is Stable I’ll Smash an Emcee Down to Ashes and Run Through His Black Sabbath with Gas and Matches in Christ there's no Condemnation Study Scripture, Meditate and, Outloud, Pray them -chorus- “Can’t Say mi Never Warn You Can’t Say You Never Know” vs.2 If I Was Clark Kent You're Clark Can't Faster than Bullets, Made of Steel, Kill with Psalms and Chants Eric B. and Rakim is My Descendants get Migraines in My Head from the iPod Implant Terabyte.... I Punch Parasites this Aint Firecrack Rap, I hand Write this Dynamite n' When I Fast I Eat Berries and Twigs Bury Myself in Scripture, Where Snakes Can't Dig n' Depend on Heaven for a Godsend Waitin for Visions so Deep, its Hard to Comprehend Like When I Saw Hiphop Submitted to Christ but When I Awoke, it was Sirens, Guns and Knives So I Cried for Thirty Days, Like "Take My Life" then an Angel Came, Gave Me an Amp n' Said "Bless the Mic" -chorus- vs.3 I Leave Whole Bodies Smashed into the Concrete as I Bomb Streets Bomb Your Show too! Blow Up Your Box Seats! with More Ammo than John Rambo, Animal Mandibles Throw Words Like Asteroids to Impact the Mantle Vicious Verb Vandal, Deliciously Dismantle Satan is Expendable, Trampled in the Beat Samples the Holyspirit Makes Mysteries Understandable John the Baptist, Original Locust, Wore Puma Sandals -Some Say East Coast, Some Say West the Rest Could Care less, they Know Hiphop’s in the Chest Plus, Devils and Angels are Fightin for Your Afterlife Like Bloods n' Crips, Isreal n' Caananites -chorus- You Say I’m a Fool for Fastin and I’m a Fool to Pray but when the Rain Start Fallin, it’s too Late Bab-Bay Before they Close that Door on the Ark, get Your Heart Sparked
sub chorus If I Had to Fight I Would Fight for Truth n’ Rights and if You Couldn’t Fight, I’d Try to Fight for You Ay, 2 Men Enter 1 Man leaveth it’s that Turn the Other Cheek that Make the Disciplined Look Weakest but I'll Turn My Face and Even My Backside if I Have to but One Day God’s Wrath will Still Come Through Then We Can Examine the Matter of Who’s Hard n’ Soft Like Catchin the Hot Potato when the Alarm Go Off -What You Got in You I Got War...and I Got Peace Wish the War Would Cease but there’s Always Sumthin Worth Fightin for However When it’s Over, Losers Can’t Handle it, Ready for More -What You Got in You I Feel Like a Violent Pacifist Throw up the Peace Sign, but if the War Hit it’s Like Gandhi Goes Ghetto - with 2 Clenched Fists Like Battlin was Bred all Up in My in My Bones When I’m Fed Up, it Feel Like Blows Gotta be Thrown --Would Rather Extend Mercy but Let No Man Hurt My Friends or My Family -What You Got in You I Gotta Lion and a Lamb I Gotta Strong Arm of Power, with Nail Holes in it’s Hands I Got a Glorious God, who Came and Saw to it that the Strong Plans of the Enemy, Through His Pain, He Sawed Through it Cut it in Half, with No Condemnation and No Wrath Said “Follow the Light Path”, where Demons get Blasted Back Halleluiah! Praise God! I got Power in My Words so I don’t Even Gotta Touch those that Act Up Absurd I Got the Book of the Ages, the Holyspirit Wrote the Pages Copyrighted the Red Letters, so No One Could Upstage Him (dancehall toast) You Have Catholic, Buddha n’ Hindu Religion Confused with Confucius, Rasta and Muslim so Why You Wear Christ on Your Neck, but in Your Heart You Praise Allah Said Which One-a You Religion Cuz When Mi Was a Youth Mi Use to Fear Jehovah Cuz I-Man Feel Dat He Come fi War Over But Now Me Come a Man, Mi Get fi Understand Said Jehovah is Life and Salvation Jehovah is Right and Babylon-a Wrong Jehovah, Jesus Christ Lift Up in the Song That’s Why “Anything That I do, Has to Praise Jehovah” Hear We Say “Anything That I do, Has to Praise Jehovah”
vs.1 You send me Prayers and Well Wishes They do Me well, But sometimes I Miss Your Lips Kisses Think About how You wasn't My Girl Only, You was My Homie, My Best Friend, and Now I'm Often Lonely You Supported of My dreams and I Miss that >>> but Everybody's Got a Breakin Point, n' I Pushed You to That -When you Told Me "F--- You", in the Parking Lot I Stayed there After You Left and Thought About it Alot Contemplated My Life's Fate, Without You and Hated Every Debate that didn't Include You What is Love? God is Love --And Every Good Gift Come from God Above -chorus- It’s You, I Love Loving You You’re the Reason Why I Love Somebody vs.2 I Claimed a Star for You and Tried to Bring it to Earth it Burnt Us, but I Still Love You for What it's Worth Get Jealous When I Think of Another Dude Holding You Compare Every Girl I'm With to Only You Should I lose My Blues With Someone New, or Wait Around for Us? I Think About God's Patience, He Waits so Long for Us J. Christ, Can You Show Me How to Love Like You Holyspirit, I Repent! I Can't do it Without You I've Abused em All, Took em all for Granted I Used em all for My Own Gain, No Matter the Damage What is Love? God is Love -And Every Good Gift Come from God Above -chorus- Some Nights, I Couldn't Rest Thinkin About All the Heat So I'd Just Watch You Sleep, Calmin Myself, to Your Heartbeat -Dreamin About Angels and Cherubs, But then Come the Nightmare of Devils Attackin the Love Baby Blue Jerzee, Gangsta, set Reppin the West Dubs He's 35 n' Still a Thug You Said Your Ex Pushed a Sandwhich Up in Your Face I'd Like to Make One With Knuckles n' see if He Likes the Taste You Been Through a Lot and Now You Startin to Face it Like A Gorilla Punchin it's Chest, Hell Yes! I Know You gonna Make it! What is Love? God is Love -And Every Good Gift Come from God Above
it’s the all Style Masterin Beatbreak Poundin a Rhythm so give them Feminine Heads an Aspirin the Music is the Medicine Once again I'm Blastin them Eardrums with Rhythms Blisterin Nitroglycerin Lyrics to the Pit of them the Music is the Medicine Knowledge Wisdom and Understandin I'm Broadcastin Against Devils Tresspassin Grabbin them for their Backstabbings n' Givin them a Backhanding the Music is the Medicine Watch Out How You Walk Before the Guns Talk n' Watch Out Babylon Cops, cuz in Riots we Throw Rocks We Control Blocks, the Youth dem can't be Stopped We Buildin’ Libraries over all Your Parking Lots Put Some Sniper’s on the Rooftop, to Protect the Inkblots heh..... yeah And in them Hallways, We gonna Get Knowledge all Day Don’t Believe in Keeping it Ourselves, We Giving it Away Knowledge is Power, Just don’t Use it the Wrong Way Ay yo, I’m Ol Skool and Ol Testament My Vocals are NO Joke, I Make Sure they Get Compressed With Gems Its Like Coal Imbedded Thick in the Bedrock to Diamonds There’s No Loophole, I’m Sic with the Hiphop of My Pen the Music is the Medicine (echo)... and Every Ghetto Will Grow, Every Devil Will Know that Only when the Seeds are Watered by God Will the Plants Grow the Music is the Medicine (echo)... n’ I don’t Care if You Let Every Word Pass Through Your Head it's Still Been My Job from Day One to Wake Up the Dead the Music is the Medicine (echo)... I’m a Hot Magazine Spittin Right through a Flak Jacket a Tuff Gong Against Babylon, that’s the Rap Tactic the Arsenal is the Friends I Keep, the Crew Always Backs it Back to Back Attack, Hunt Together the Wolfpack when we Rep on the Street, we Full Fledged and We Double Edged Never Step Without Heat, we Fool Dead and Bubbleheads Bring them Kids to the Light and Ignite the Fight in their Chest Cardiac Sparked, Raised Fists, Anointed n’ Blessed If You Feeling this Now, Say the Music is Medicine “the Music is the Medicine!” Or get a Head Severin from A Microphone Veteran Soundboard Lord, the Soundclash Reverend when I Speak, the Words Never Fall to the Ground they get Carried by the Bass n’ Treble of Raps Sound I’m Like the Prophet Samuel, Spit Prophecies thatsa Handful Split Devils in Half when I Drop the Hammer to the Anvil Destroy Towers of Babel, cuz that’s what Man Build to get Closer to God Because that What Man Feel I Put my Thoughts on Paper witha Writing Utensil then Take My Poems and Praise God with my Throat and Tonsils We Got No Time Here to Trust in Fear Yeah say the Music is the Medicine “the Music is the Medicine!” Now Raise Up, Tell Them Snakes to Shut UP! n’ Say, the Music is the Medicine! “the Music is the Medicine”
Roots- Live- Natty- Breathe! Gun pon Cock, Selector, witha Nine Mil in the Sleeve I'm tellin you, Watch Out How You Handle Your Beef on the Street cuz Most Vandals’ll put a Nine Mil in the Teeth! God is the Only Way, but Not Chosen by EveryBody-dee You Can’t Beg for Your Life in the Cemetary-ee-ee You’ve been Robbed from the Cradle, Cursed from the Prenatal Trained from a Youth to do Whatever they Say So Hooked and Addicted, Separated and Sifted Shifted into Clicks, And - Ripped from Your Gifts You’ve been Told that You're Worthless, Told that it’s Urgent so they Got You Rushin Around, not Focused on What’s Pertinent They Said “You gotta Buy it”, That “You gotta Have it” Even Though You don’t Have Cash, Like they Expect Magic - so they Gave You Credit, Got You Indebted Got You Distressed, and Distracted from the Aesthetic They Told You that All Paths Lead to God Even though God Himself Said “there’s Only One Gate Inna Mi Yard” But You didn’t Hear Cuz they Got You Afraid n Nervous -and from this Circus Cometh the Weapons that Hurt Us as they Demand that You Tell but Tell You Not to Ask Like Wisdom Intelligence is a Thing of the Past Keep You Locked! and I don’t Just Mean Physically Cuz the Biggest Prison they’ve Built is to Jail You Mentally
vs.1 “I Gotta Defeat this Heathen with Vehemence and Mean it Not Just Think and Dream it! Get Off My Butt, Fight to Beat It! Go Hard if I Gotta Die, I’ve Had it, Steamin n’ Heated! Go at it Full Speed Even though My Fuel is Depleted this Evil’s been Winning, I’m Losin, Beat but Not Yet Defeated I’m Gaspin, Breathin Heavy, Sight Unsteady but Haven’t Retreated Can Still Stand, Feet-Planted, Double Fists Swingin to Beg n’ Plead, Cry n’ Bleed, Fightin a Legion of Demon I've been Abandoned, Got Mad About it, 'till I Became a Bandit I Hated God, n' Lied About it, 'til I Got Caught Red Handed I Thought He Hated Me First, until He Showed Me the Reverse I Couldn’t Stand it, I Cried Until My Head Ached n’ My Guts Hurt Ashamed of Myself, I Wanted to Cut, Shoot or Hang Myself Thought He Made the World to Gang up on Me, n’ I had to Bang it Myself (Croaky Voice) I've been High without You, Gotten By without You Now at the End of My Rope, I don't wanna Die without You (chorus) Lucinda Voz: I've been High without You, Gotten By without You Now at the End of My Rope, I don't wanna Die without You I've Made Love Without You, Shoved and Doubted You this World has Taken it's Toll, I don't wanna Go without You I’ve Won without You, I’ve Lost Without You in the High Tides n’ Low Tides, I’m in the Sea Tossed Without You vs.2 Usin’ Methamphetamines, Excuses to Find a Better Means My Memories are Penalties, -Detrimental Enemies a Steady Stream of Vodka n’ Henney Help Me to Forget Things I’m Unsteady, Seein Things, that Aint There, n’ Getting Bad Dreams Attacked at Night, Woken Up, Choked Up, Frozen in Fright Afraid to Sleep, Sleep Deprived, Dead Man Walking in Daylight Couldn’t Face the Facts, Face the Past, Neva That! Pass the Jack Smoke the Weed too, ‘till My Eyes Bleed Through the Pupil’s Black I Backslid Heavily, Taking Every Getaway that was Ready Afraid to Die Quick, Instead, Took Every Poison that was Deadly and in Front of the People Claiming that I’m Heavensent but Only Feeding off the Benefits of Other People’s Benevolence I’ve done it My Own Way Without You, I Got a Long Way Without You I’ve been Alone the Whole Time, don’t want Another Day without You (chorus) Lucinda Voz: I’ve Raised Up Without You, I Fought the Power Without You with Blood on My Hands, don’t want to Go the Final Hour without You vs.3 I Smile n’ Hide the Pain Inside, but Cant Keep Up with Lies, they Disorient Sleeping with Many Women Trying to Hide My Sin Under their Skin I Used to Be Decent and Relatively Innocent Now I’m Dr. Jekyll tryin to Hyde a Side thats Volatile and Hellbent and Even as I’m Writing, Heart on My Sleeve, Spilling this I’m Gettin Pissed, Rememberin the Feelings I was Dealing with I Need an Exodus from Misery Mental, Spirit and Physically I Need an Exorcist, Man!, these Demons are Tryin’ to Murder Me I won’t Lie to You, I Drank Alone n’ then Cried, too Held Razors to My Wrists, Hating Myself, Wanting to Die, too don’t Know How I’ve Made it by, the Scars Remain n’ Testify that there’s No More Need for My Blood, Christ was Crucified this World is Dark Stuff, n' I Can't See without You I've had Enough! (echo), Don't Let Me be without You Lucinda Voz: I'm Chokin, I'm Broken, On the DownStroke, it's Hopeless BackBitten, I've BackSlidden to Where the End of the Rope is I shouldnt have gone ahead without you cuz even in my success I feel dead without you
v.1 when the Sun Comes Up! I'm Meditating, on Your Word I'm Energized, by Your Spirit, Ready, Alert the Devil's Work is Absurd, those without You are Hurt Chasin themselves, Gettin No where, but Still Exert Bless the Lord, o’ My Soul, Forget Not His Benefits Who Pardons Sin, Heals and Redeems Life from the Pit Then Comes n' Crowns You with Loving Kindness and Compassion Who Puts Down Demons, with Power to Come Blast them Jehovah, I want to Find Your Way and Get in as the Crowd Challenges 'Follow Us and Fit in' ----- I Follow God and Stand Out Throw that into the Cup of Every Dude with they Hand Out See the Cripple get Up and Walk Away with the Mat Bloods n’ Crips’ll, Together Pray, n Throw Away Gats Throw Away Gloks, Join the Flock Put all Hate Down We are the Royal Priesthood, so Come Claim Your Crown -scratches- -chorus- if You Feelin' Down, Get Up and “Claim Your Crown!” Christ Worked Hard for it, "Claim Your Crown!" No One Can Take it, Jesus Earned it n’ Gave it Said “C’mon n’ Get it!”, with Your Name Engraved it Prodigal Sons, “Claim Your Crown” Daughters of the King, “Claim Your Crown!” don’t let the World Break You, there’s a Strength Ready for You Claim Your Crown, God is Rock Steady for You v.2 Immanuel Means 'God is with us!’ (echo) Even in Steep Ravines n’ Thornbushes, I’m Glad He Touch Us with Much Love, the Holy Spirit Rush Us Baptized in Pentecost, Spontaneous Combust No Room to be Depressed, when the Lord is the Focus Take Your Eyes Off Yourself, in God We Trust it Takes Strength to Withstand when Your Faith is Damaged and a Saint to Praise when Others Faith has Vanished but there’s an - Infinite Calm, in Singing a Psalm Dropping all Your Heart Ache, and Lifting Your Palms Forget About Being Strong just Raising Your Arms Tell God, “I Need Help” and Let the Strength Come Upon In Your Deepest Grief, there is Deeper Relief n’ if You don’t See it, You’ve been Lied to by a Thief the Evil Out there that Lives to Take You Down Get Up! Raise Up! and Claim Your Crown!


FROM JeremiahDirt.com Blog:
It has been FAR too long since we've had a new solo project release from our eclectic Hiphop Artist, Jeremiah Dirt. As is the usual case with him, it seems the wait is over after a long hiatus... almost 9 years now! Early album promo's have been telling our ears that the wait (as usual again) is going to be well worth it! In October 2016 we will have NEW Dirt music.

The album is called "the Rebel Lion" and it is Dirt's homage to his love for all things Jamaican & Reggae. As a Youth, Jeremiah was homeless at times. In his early teens he found friendship and fellowship in the local Pacific Beach, San Diegan, Jamaican-Born Rastafarian community. Although Jeremiah is not Rasta by theology, he has never forgotten the feeding of body and soul he received from his kind-hearted adopted family.
Neither had he ever forgotten the vivid soundscape of reggae music and its culture that he was introduced to along the way. Up until that point, Dirt had never thought much that there was any other kind of music except for hiphop and so reggae quickly became his second music love (the 1st two rap crews he was in, he was known for strictly dancehall chatting. But it would take a lot to get him to do that now). Anyone who has paid close attention to his creative endeavours can hear his 'Jamaican patois' come through his lyrics at times.

Jeremiah has been storing lyrics & beats for this project since 2004. That is 12 years of creative development from this consummate artist, so we are sure to expect a lot!
"the Rebel Lion" is strictly groove-driven. The goal was to sample ONLY from Reggae, layer bangin' Hiphop drum breaks underneath, and then let Dirt loose over the top with his lyrical prowess. The mood of the project takes the listener from the feverish pitch of dancehall to the smoothness of roots, rock-riddims. From Dirt's vocals, we get the same creative dichotomy- from his as-expected revealing and emotionally-laden lyrics to light-hearted romps through songs as well as rucus rap revolutions. The Final is all very raw and meant to be as a purposeful celebration of both the Reggae & Hiphop genres history & upbringings.

As is custom, it seems that Dirt has rewarded our wait, "the Rebel Lion" is packed! Expect Twenty-Plus tracks, a host of feature artists & DJ, and a few extra tracks to boot for digital downloads.
To top all of this off... Dirt has not stopped creating with this 'Rebel Lion'-vibe as he's admitted to having a bit of a start for the NEXT reggae-infused album (a bunch of studio sessions that wouldn't fit on this album... so maybe we'll get another Dirt solo project sooner than we are used too!)

FROM Official Press Kit:
Jeremiah Dirt has given us a steady stream of Great Music for 20 Years and it hasn't Stopped Yet!
"the Rebel Lion" is another Explosive Album that explores the many facets of this artists' Lyrical Creativity. His self-proclaimed 'Celebration of Reggae', "the Rebel Lion" is an exciting SoundClash of Hiphop & Reggae! The tracks deliver Groove-driven samples from the firm moody cadence of Dancehall Grind to the Mellowness of Roots, Rock, Reggae Riddims. Over the Top, we get all that we ever expect from Dirt- from his hectic Battle Flows to his Revealing, Emotional Prose.
"the Rebel Lion" is yet another J. Dirt album that should not be slept on, from a Microphone Veteran that has Delivered Consistently Fresh Material for Two Decades!


released January 1, 2018

Producers: Beat Somebody, DJ Kair, Codak
Features: Lucinda Voz, Samuel Oxymoron, the M, 7Sandman, Copywrite Righteouz Knight, Codak, Shobred, Adam Neil


all rights reserved



Jeremiah Dirt (Shadow of the Locust) Hesperia, California

Beginning a career in 1999 with the acclaimed album, Plague, after years of touring with, then, labelmates POD, Dirt has kept and keeps his fans loaded up with his unique blend of creative, emotional, revealing lyrical ferocity and love for pure Hiphop.
Founding Father of 'Shadow of the Locust' - he's proven to be an emcee NOT to sleep on.
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